Healthy Backs

Our lead instructor, Karen Ingram, is a lower back pain specialist and runs our Healthy Backs programme.

The first step is to book a Healthy Backs Assessment. In this one-hour session, Karen will assess how you move, what causes you pain and what makes you feel better. You’ll be given a homework sheet at the end of the session with a bespoke set of exercises for you to practice.

After your one to one assessment you would typically join our group Healthy Backs class. This small group class will gradually build your strength and re-teach you how to tackle daily living tasks like lifting, standing/sitting, bending, driving, etc. The classes are 45 minutes in length and are for no more than 8 people. Some people choose to continue working on a one to one basis.

As your strength develops and your pain reduces you can move onto Fundamentals and eventually Mat All Levels.

Karen has personal experience of lower back pain having had surgery in her early 20’s for two prolapsed discs. Pilates was a big part of Karen’s journey back to health and vitality and she loves to use her experience to help others.

Person with back pain